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About me

My Story

I was born on 28th May, on mothers day. I had a breech birth – like my mum likes to say “with my bottom turn to the moon”. I was very wanted and loved. I was raised by my cousins grandmother, “Avo” Rosa, until I was three, with whom I’ve learned about kindness, service and unconditional love. With my parents I’ve learnt: about evolution, discipline and perfectionism from my dad and positivity, faith, creativity and intuition from my mum.

Since I can remember thinking, I questioned everything and everyone: who am I? What am I doing here? Is this all there is? Will I ever come back here? What? Who? Why? When?

I grew up in the middle of nature. I loved to walk alone in my grandfather’s land, exploring, observing, fantasizing. In my wanderings, motivated by the new and the unexpected, I moved to London when I was 18 years old.

At the age of 20 I met an Ananda Marga’s (international non profit organization, whose mission is self-realization and universal service) monk and I have had an emotional and spiritual immediate click. I was home. Yoga, meditation, spiritual practices, retreats, veganism, self-realization, service, prout, biopsychology, neo-humanism, all of this became daily practices and my way of living.

Simultaneously, healing with my hands came much before I’ve heard about Reiki.

At the age of 26, I discovered the magic of NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and two years later I was a Trainer. Straight after I studied Systemic Constellations, where I felt I was born to do it, and where everything was natural and familiar to me. Everything I dedicated myself to was always to feed what I most value: self evolution. Extending that to other people came later, by request. I did it as a mission, as a service.

A few years ago, in a spiritual retreat in Madrid, where I was responsible for the self development program of the participants, one of Ananda Marga’s monk called it “Whispers from Eternity”.

Since I was little I had a fascination for horses, I used to tell my parents I was going to buy a farm to breed horses.

 Then I found Systemic Constellations with horses, in the Netherlands, I started my search in Portugal where I found Quinta do Cavalo Kiron (Kiron Horse Farm) and the Kiron method. I was almost one year into therapy before I started the two year course to become an equine self development therapist and a Kiron Association member (non profit association to human being and equine development).

Throughout my journey I’ve always came across very special people and places. One of them was in Brasil, in Visão Futuro Institute, where I studied a Biopsychology course.

In one of my interior journeys I met my wild women: an ancient Indian, in the middle of the forest, alone, receiving and healing other beings.

I have enriched other peoples lives with who I am and what I do, internationally, in the sphere of personal development, in retreats that I facilitate or co-facilitate, in various workshops and in individual and group sessions.

My mission is to contribute to having more conscious and congruent people in the world, starting with myself. With competence, intuition and intention (of service).

My Training

2016/ 2017 – Biopsychology Course –  Visão Futuro Institute – Dr.ª Susan Andrews (São Paulo, Brasil)

2015/ 2017 – Kiron Method Certiification® - Assisted Interventions by Equines – Kiron Association - Dr.ª Nathalie Durel (Fontanelas)

2014 – International certification in Mental Social Panorama, Dr.º Lucas Derks (Netherlands) – The International Laboratory for Mental Space Research

2011 – International certification in Systemic Management using the methodology of organisational constellations – ISPA/ Talent Manager

2009 – Women & Leadership Program – NTI-NLP (Dutch Institute of Neurolinguistic programming)

2009 – Trauma Program – NTI-NLP (Dutch Institute of Neurolinguistic programming)

2006/ 2008 – NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Practitioner, Master and Trainer – NLP Master Trainer International certification – NLP Portugal/ NTI-NLP

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