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Individual Sessions 

In the individual sessions I put all of me (who I am and all my skills) at the service of that one person. So, depending on the theme, I apply different type of skills, like Systemic Constellations (with objects), NLP, Coaching, Social Panorama, or whatever my intuition tells me. Sometimes, a different theme appears during the session, and it’s always up to us both, decide what makes sense to focus on/ heal at that moment or in previous sessions. 

On the first session we also agree about the number of sessions. 

Equine Assisted Intervention (EAI)

These sessions of self development are even more powerful than the individual sessions, because they always have four elements: the patient/ client, the therapist (responsible for the patients process, in this case me), the equine specialist (helps the therapist with the equines) and the equines. Equines are masters on reading us in a deep way. They connect with our Self and react to it instinctively. They offer us our truth with no filter, which provides the most powerful feedback you can imagine. This happens because in the food chain they are prey, so they have to be fully connected otherwise they can loose their lives.

I (therapist) read the equines behaviour and facilitate the self development process from that feedback. Sessions start and finish indoors and in equines natural habitat in between. They take place at Kiron Horse Farm, in Portugal. 

On the first session we agree about the number of sessions. 

Woman Retreats

A female gathering in the middle of nature to nourish and heal or simply feel. 

These retreats are idealized and facilitated by me, in a co-created approach. All the retreats dynamics and activities are a complete surprise, because they depend on the participants skills and their will to give. Sharing skills can be of any kind: dancing, singing, playing, telling stories, meditation, yoga, massage, hugs, self development, drawing, mandalas, counting stars, you name it. The purpose it’s to empower women and to be connected, be present, be genuine, at all times. Together.

Whispers from Eternity Healing Circle

Group healing circle.

Depending on the state (emotional, mental, physical, energetic, spiritual) of the participants in the circle and the clarification of what each one needs to heal at that moment, in the various spheres of his life, several dynamics, actions, movements, are used with the purpose of supporting individual healing processes and inner rebalancing. The facilitation of this circle is based on several techniques and therapies (Systemic Constellations, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mental Social Panorama, Reiki, among others), an intention of love, service and healing, and whispers from eternity...

The circle can be facilitated in several languages and individual processes can be transmitted only to the facilitator, thus ensuring confidentiality issues.

Various workshops

I create and facilitate different kind of workshops based on NLP, Constellations, Biopsychology, Social Panorama and Equine Assisted Interventions. All workshops have a theoretical and a practical approach (lots of dynamics) and are always self development oriented. Duration may vary depending on the type of workshop, theme and level of deepening.

Workshops are available for public in general, companies and associations, including non profit.

Some workshops can be facilitated to only one person.

Some examples: Constellations for beginners (2 days); NLP introduction (2 days); NLP Practitioner (130 hours); Intuitive communication (1 day); Empathy (1 or 2 days); Mourning (2 days); Women leadership (2 days)

Systemic Constellations for Groups

In these sessions I facilitate Constellations (family and organizational) for people with people. We gather a group where we have clients, who have a personal theme to explore, and participants, who constitute the elements of that persons theme/sistem. Clients and participants are defined during the sessions, because it often happens that a client turns into a participant and vice versa just by watching or participating in someone else’s Constellation. Transformational processes may happen to everybody present, during the session and onward.

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